Welcome to the UAH vendor registration website. We value the business relationship you have with our managed properties. Thank you for taking the time to register and become an approved vendor.

UAH's new Vendor Compliance Program provided by Registry Monitoring Insurance Services, Inc. (RMIS) will expedite the Vendor approval process and streamline our administration efforts.

This new registration process benefits YOU. It makes the insurance compliance process completely paperless for you. Once registered, you will no longer be asked to provide Certificates of Insurance each time you contract for a new job. RMIS will be tracking your insurance coverage and contacting your insurance provider to maintain current insurance records. Also, once you are on the list of approved vendors you will have increased exposure to other ongoing and future projects in the portfolio.

Attention: Please read carefully: To complete registration you must have the following information ready to enter into the system. Your registration will not be saved, and you cannot be certified, unless you complete all steps including payment. For security reasons, the system will log you out if you do not complete a page within 20 minutes.

In order to continue as an approved vendor have the following items available to submit for approval and payment of fee:

  • Supply your updated contact information (company name, remittance address, phone, fax, email, contact, etc.)
  • Provide the name and address for each of your company's principals for background screening (OFAC Terrorist Watchlist Screening).
  • Provide your insurance producer (agent) information (company, policy number, agent phone/fax/email). Our Customer Service Representatives will obtain your insurance certificate directly. Certificate must show current General Liability, Auto, Workers Comp, and appropriate additional insured, waiver of subrogation and primary wording. Additional insurance may be required based on the type of service you provide.
  • Fill out the electronic W-9 form.
  • Pay your annual registration fee via credit card online. ($95 for onsite vendors, $99.95 for onsite vendors requiring licenses, and $35 for offsite vendors.)